It's almost here, you can feel the temperature's creeping up, the snow melting away, and the days getting longer. Springtime is so rejuvenating - here are some ways to enjoy the early days of warm weather!

1. Clean Up, Clean Up, Everybody Everywhere

Being locked inside during those long winter months led to some serious junk drawer problems. If Marie Kondo didn't catch your attention earlier this year, do a mini-version: take 20 minutes over the weekend and pick one thing (dresser, medicine cabinet, etc), dump everything out and only put in what sparks joy! If you have little ones around, you'd be surprised how much of a game it can be (and how many lost toys you might just find)

2. Lunch Al Fresco

Food just tastes better when it's eaten outside, doesn't it? Soon enough it will be grilling season for dinners on the patio, but in the mean time we can live with lunch in the park!

3. Walking Date

Message a friend and instead of meeting in a restaurant or cafe, meet for a walk! Of course, make sure you have your Talaria Flats for ultimate comfort!

4. Stop By A Local Farmer's Market

Let the freshness of the season come through in your food, too! Swing by a nearby farmer's market to see what catches your eye (or your tastebuds!) Our favorite spring foods include strawberries, asparagus, fennel, and spring onions.

5. Flower Power

Tis the season of blooms, after all! After months of snow (and slush) covered streets, let the color come through. If planting isn't your thing, find a botanical garden nearby and soak in the beauty.