First... some anatomy 

The arch of the foot is the curved portion of the foot extending from the heel to the ball of the foot. (Technically, there are 3 arches in a foot -- two going down from toes to the heel along the inner and outer side of base of the foot, and one connecting the two ending points across at the ball, forming a triangle). But for most instances, the triangle they form is commonly referred to as the arch of the foot.

While arch support is most important in athletic activities with repetition and impact, you may find that if you are on your feet all day or walk a lot, you need support as well.

Then... some recommendations 

Like snowflakes, all arches are unique. Some are higher, some are flatter. If you have low arches, shoes with more control -- often this is a lace up sneaker or sturdy boot to provide support for fallen arches. If you have high arches, you'll want shoes with more shock absorption and cushion.


Talaria Flats provide light arch support

Our ballet flats provide light arch support. Our thick rubber sole runs continuously along the bottom of the shoe, providing a steady base for the foot. Additionally, the sole at the heel is slightly thicker to aid in shock absorption while walking, since the heel is the first part of the foot to make impact with the ground.

This is sufficient for most people, unless they have more serious arch conditions. In these cases, many find that inserts or insoles fit very nicely into our flats.

If you have any questions about arch support, or any aspect of our shoes, reach out to us via email at or via phone at (917) 979-2331.