Whether it's for a wedding you are attending or a trip you are taking, great photos are a hallmark of any special event. And these days, it's always from our phones! We've compiled tips from expert photographers for those of us that don't always have an SLR on hand. 

1. Find your light

Tips for Travel Phone Photos from Talaria Flats

Ask any photographer, and if you don't have good light, you don't have good photos. Natural light is your best friend. Most likely, you will be photographing outside and so your light source is the sun. Avoid taking photos when the sun is directly above you, as it makes for harsh shadows. Earlier in the day and especially in the late afternoon, you get that "magic hour" lighting. 

2. Explore Negative Space

Tips for Travel Phone Photos from Talaria Flats

This is a great way to add a professional touch to your photos. Negative space, or white space, is the area that surrounds the subject of your photo. With this technique, you can emphasize the focal point of your image with a natural balance. An effective way to use negative space is to focus on the gaps between objects, instead of the objects themselves, when snapping pics. 

3. Come in Closer

Talaria Flats Wedding Photography Tips

Hate to break it to you, but the zoom button is not your friend. Even a little zooming takes a lot of clarity out of the final photo. Whether it is something small like a pair of great ballet flats, or something giant like a monument, don't be afraid to move to capture it close up. Whenever possible, go closer to the subject of your photo instead of zooming in with your phone camera - the end product will be so much better!

4. Keep it clean

Talaria Flats Tips for Travel Photography with your phone

These phones come with us everywhere, and so they pick up a lot of dirt, lint, and fuzz in the process. Keep a microfiber cloth handy so that you can wipe away anything that may be stuck onto the lens and your photos will be instantly clearer.

5. Change up the angles

Tips for Travel Phone Photos from Talaria Flats

Find a unique perspective to put a creative twist on your photos. Even something as simple as tilting your phone to one side or the other will create a unique crop. Instead of shooting straight on, shoot from one side. This is a great way to get candids of even a "posed" photo -- simply take a few steps to the left or the right of where the group is facing and it will automatically look like a behind the scenes shot!

6. Focus, focus, focus

Tips for Travel Phone Photos from Talaria Flats

This one goes hand in hand with light. Your phone doesn't always pick the right part to focus on as you are setting up your framing. This is especially true if you are near a window or other light source -- tap the screen near the object that will be your focus, and see the magic happen. 

Don't forget!

While you are running around the event or hopping on planes and trains, make sure you have your favorite pair of your Talaria Flats with you!


Happy snapping!