Whether you're traveling this summer for your honeymoon, taking a road trip with friends, jet-setting to another country or rediscovering your local attractions, slip on your Talaria Flats and check off these seven activities for a unique and memorable summer vacation. 
Summer Vacation Ideas

1. Something New

Skip eating at restaurants that can be found in your own town. Search for that hole-in-the-wall spot with the amazing burritos, a food truck with refreshing smoothies or a quaint bistro with a unique spin on the standard burger. Get out of your comfort zone by selecting a meal you wouldn't normally order or have a literal taste of the area by ordering a meal the city is known for.

2. Something Collected

It may be a visiting a museum as well renowned as the Louvre or discovering an oddity like the International Banana Museum. Whichever may be your style, find a collection to view. 

3. Something Packed

It's time to relax. Swing by the grocery store to grab a couple sandwiches, a bottle of wine and a tube of sunscreen. Make your way to a park, beach, lake or hiking trail for a quiet picnic surrounded by nature and the warmth of the summer sun. 
Summer Travel Bucket List

4. Something Live

Music in the park, a downtown parade, a kids performance, a band playing at a local festival or a street performer--watch a live performance to experience the energy of the city. Bonus points for participating in the performance!

5.  Something Unexpected

Unpack those travel flats and wander the city by foot. Put your phone away and allow yourself to get lost. Some of the best experiences are unplanned sights that are stumbled upon. When the time comes, pull out your phone to find your way back to your home base. 
Explore the city with your travel flats

6. Something Made

Visit a winery, a teddy bear factory or take a perfume tour--research what the industry of the area is or what companies produce products there to find factory tours. Free samples are often provided on the tour so selecting a food tour is always a good call.

7. Something Early

Long drives, cross-country flights and the constant go of travel can make vacationing exhausting. But if you can swing it, get up early at least one morning to watch the sunrise over the ocean or see a city come to life. 
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