That January chill has us ready to pack a bag and head somewhere wonderful. Whether it's a tropical getaway, a weekend on the slopes, or a city trip, we've compiled a list of the ultimate packing tips!
Instead of bringing that shirt at the back of your closet, or those pants you keep meaning to wear, bring entire outfits. This way you'll avoid overpacking, and make getting dressed during vacation even simpler. 
A few choice pieces are always fun, but the bulk of your suitcase should be multi-use. Shirts that can be day or night, as well as shoes that are comfortable enough for every day wear but nice enough for evenings as well. Might we suggest our most popular Champagne Flats?
3. Roll baby, roll!
Rolling your clothes instead of folding them not only saves a ton of space, but always helps prevent wrinkles. Win-win.
4. Find your mates
Items that have "dead space" in them can be used to absorb others -- think, hats, shoes etc., that can have socks and t-shirts stuffed in them.

5. Stay Fresh
When you're all packed, toss a few of your favorite dryer sheets into the suitcase. Hours in airports and planes and taxis will be behind you, and your clothes will stay fresh! 
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