Did you know September is the most popular birth month in the United States? It's likely not a fluke--we'll credit keeping cozy by a warm winter fire for this statistic. Whether this is the birth month of your little one or it's months away, we've compiled a few birthday party ideas that are sure to please!

1. For the Girl Who Loves to Dance

Who doesn't love a good dance party? Line the dance floor with a pair of shiny dancing shoes for each guest and turn up the age-appropriate music. Depending on the age of your party goers, invite your little one's favorite character to make an appearance and teach some dance moves.


2. For the Girl Who Loves to Read

Dorothy's Silver Shoes, Cinderella's glass slippers, Ballet Shoes--literature is filled with stories about important shoes and their owners. If your little one is an avid reader, a book-themed birthday party could be the perfect fit. Invite her friends to wear their favorite pair of shoes. Walk to the park or library to read shoe stories, share what's special about each guest's shoes and of course, eat cake!


3. For the Girl Who Loves to Create

Options for the artistic girl's birthday party abound! Set up easels for a paint party, lay out cookies and cupcakes to be decorated, pull out the chalk for a big sidewalk mural or teach the girls how to sew. It's a great opportunity for kids to try a new creative activity.