5 Mistakes to Avoid For A Perfect Wedding Day

The engagement period is spent researching, planning, coordinating, and choosing all the perfect details for your wedding.

We count down the Top 5 Bridal Blunders that are easy to avoid, giving you the perfect wedding day!


Mistake #5: Not eating enough on your wedding day

Solution: Have snacks handy, or ask bridesmaids to help remind you to eat. It's a wonderful, exciting day, but that champagne will not sit well on an empty stomach!


Mistake #4: Picking a bad time for photos

Solution: Schedule photos and/or the ceremony in the few hours before sunset. Photographers refer to this as the "golden hour." No airbrushing required - your photos will look as dreamy as can be!


Mistake #3: Not reminding guests of the schedule

Solution: Be sure to send an email the week of the wedding reminding everyone of the details, and consider having a program. As much as you have been living and breathing the itinerary, most of your guests haven't. A quick refresher the week before gets everyone extra excited for your big day, and an agenda on the day of helps them follow along and know whats ahead!


Mistake #2: Running out of time on the big day

Solution: Plan for buffer time - everywhere! You will want to be able to savor the moments and enjoy the events as they come, not rush through them. A little extra time for hair and makeup goes a long way, as does a few extra minutes for photos. After months of anticipation you don't want to rush through the wonderful day!


Mistake #1: Not having comfortable shoes

Solution: Talaria Flats, the bridal favorite! Pick out those sky-high stilettos or beautiful pointy heels for pictures, but when it comes time to get to the dance floor, make sure you have your Talaria Flats for you and bridesmaids to dance the night away. Our Champagne Flats are our best seller for bridal parties because of their neutral versatility!