Champagne wishes and Talaria dreams! For the past four years, our best sellers have been our iconic Champagne Ballet Flats. Let's take a closer look at the 5 reasons they are a favorite among our customers.

1. Comfort

A thick, cushioned rubber sole gives our flats the ultimate support and comfort. We made sure that the soft elastic trim would mold to a foot instead of digging into it, and that the fabric of the shoe was as soft as butter.

2. Function

Not only do you get adorable and comfortable flats, but they come with their own matching bag. The perfect companion!

3. Color

With just a touch of sparkle in a soft champagne hue, these flats are a great compliment to any outfit.
Talaria Flats Champagne Flats Review

4. Events

Is it just us, or are weddings getting longer and longer these days? We can only last so long in our beautiful heels. Enter: Talaria Flats. The perfect size to pop into your purse, so that you can dance the night away.

5. Travel

The beauty of the foldable flat - it takes up almost no space! Great for quick weekend get-aways or long vacations.