The lazy days of summer can be some of the best memories for your children. There's no need to spend a small fortune or go overboard with planning. The bond with your child can be enhanced even with the simplest activities. Dedicate some one-on-one time with your child this summer and create memories that will be cherished. Here are five summer outing ideas.


1. Coffee + Chocolate Milk Date

Kids want to be just like mom and dad. Take your little to the coffee shop and let her order a drink just like you do. Put some money in her purse so she can count the money and pay like you too. Then relax together enjoying a slow start to the day and a little coffee talk.

Coffe and Chocolate Milk Date
2. Dress Up Like A Princess

You don't have to be at Disney to dress like a princess! Find the sparkliest, ruffliest, puffiest and prettiest dresses in your closets to play dress up. Let your daughter select a special necklace from your jewelry box to wear for the day. Curl her hair and top with a tiara. No tiara? Pull out the craft supplies and make a tiara for each other. Finish off the look with some matching metallic princess shoes and head off to the ball--a dance party in the park or backyard.

 Princess Day

3. Walk + Talk

Explore your neighborhood, find a trail or walk downtown. It really doesn't matter where you're walking for great conversations to happen (just don't forget some comfortable shoes). With distractions removed you'll be able to hear what's on your little's mind. It may even become a weekly activity.

 Walk and Talk

4. Ice Cream Outing

Nothing beats ice cream as a summer treat! Pick a new parlor, get two flavors instead of the usual one, a bonus topping or a cone for an extra special treat. There will be sticky smiles all around.

Ice cream
5. Library Adventure

Reading doesn't need to stop just because school is out. Check out a stack of books from your local library, pour a glass of lemonade and find a cozy spot under a tree in your backyard. Take turns reading and using different voices for each character. 

Library adventure