You got the ring, but still need help popping the question to the group of girls that matters most? Propose to your best girls with these perfect bridesmaid gift ideas. Here is a list of 5 curated bridesmaids gifts ideas that are sure to make your closest girlfriends feel appreciated. 


1. Pretty Please Nail Polish

The awesome team at Pretty Please Nail Polish offers a huge variety of colors, with an option to get a different color for each recipient.. This perfect bridesmaids gift idea is a great opportunity to show each girl how well you know her :) You can order her favorite color, or you can order the perfect shade to match her dress for your big day. For just $12/bottle, you can customize your order to your hearts content.



2. Bijou Candles

Elegance, elegance, elegance. That’s what you gift your girls when you get them Bijou candles as part of their perfect bridesmaid gift. Choose from twelve different enchanting scents. And once your candle is done, its all about upcycling -  your girls can use their beautiful, unbreakable Bijou bowl for anything they please. An soap basin, a make-up bowl, a desk accessory. Or, they can buy refills of whatever scent they please. Best part? Use the code BRIDESMAIDS at checkout for 25% off. Don’t say I never get you anything :)




3. SPEAK wines

You know you can’t get your bachelorette on without some libations. And what better way to celebrate than with wedding themed wine? These gorgeous bottles from SPEAK add the perfect touch to your celebration. Choose a label that honors the wedding (“Meant to be”) or praises the girl (“You’re my favorite’). What I love about this company besides the perfectly curated labels? If you order in bulk for weddings or wedding related events, you can get a great discount.





4. Cabana Tote Bag

I could not praise this tote more. First off, it’s beautiful. So classy, using it makes me feel like I should really be on a yacht somewhere with someone serving me champagne. But on top of that, the bag is super hardy. I could definitely carry around my life in it, and it will stand the test of time. The rope handles are more comfortable and sturdy than the typical canvas you find on other totes, and the thick material and lining assure me it won’t break down when I need it most. Perfect for a day at the beach or to carry everything to work. If you are someone who cares about getting your bridesmaids gifts they will use, this bag needs to be on your list.



5. Talaria Flats

Last but not least, you need to get your girls a pair of Talaria Flats. There is nothing worse than spending your night out (or your big day) sitting on the sidelines because your heels just won’t cooperate. Get Talaria Flats and you never have to worry about missing out again. Choose from a variety of colors to match any dress! Just pop them into your purse and when your feet start complaining unroll them and slip them on. Do your bridesmaids a favor and give the gift of happy feet. Just don’t forget to get yourself a pair :) Use code BRIDESMAIDS_15 to snag a 15% discount when you order 4 or more pairs! Check out all the reviews to hear from all the happy customers.





Talaria Flats