We ship quickly from our warehouse in Charleston, South Carolina. 

On average, transit time is about 3-5 business days with our free shipping option.  You can typically expect to receive your order about a week or less from the time the order is placed if shipped inside the United States.

We also offer expedited shipping options, please email us if expedited shipping is required



  • We love being a part of your special events, parties, weddings, and travel!
  • If you have any upcoming deadline for your receiving your shoes, please tell us in the order notes so we can keep a close eye on your order.



Shipping Insurance:

  • Please note, mail carriers has been experiencing an increase in delayed packages.
  • We recommend purchasing Route shipping insurance (available at checkout), to ensure a safe delivery of your package.
  • If your shipment has been sent out, but has not had a tracking update in 7 days, with Route you are eligible to receive a replacement order at no additional cost by visiting


  • If one of your order items is on pre-order, our policy is to wait and ship the entire order together.
  • However, if you'd like separate shipments -- to receive the portion of your order that is in stock first -- simply let us know and we are happy to accommodate.

Late/Missing Packages:

    • Our shipping carriers USPS, FedEx, and UPS have been experiencing high  volumes which cause delays for 1-3% of our shipments. Most of the time,  the delay is no longer than 1-2 days.
    • For the rare cases where the delay is longer, please reach out to Route for an investigation and/or replacement order via